DIX au carré

D for Design, I for Innovation, and X for the meeting of these two lines of thought. The combination of these forces enables DIX au carré to square the power of their products.

DIX au carré

DIX au carré was born from the meeting of two creators, bringing together artistic and technical talent. Performance plus experience creates the added value of our products. We are able to take charge of any or every step in the process of developing your project. Thanks to our intimate knowledge of materials, and of the shaping and assembly processes, we can offer support service to every designer who wishes to create products that combine form and function beautifully.


Beyond the DIX au carré team, we offer a unique design location for the entertainment industry. At one address, we provide a design meeting space and complete modelling, fabrication, prototype development, assembly and finishing services, as well as an area dedicated to performance testing.

About us

DIX au carré offers a 2,300-square-foot playground to its designers and partners.
Ideas are sketched and perfected in the mezzanine area overlooking the workshop. From notepad to the computer screen, elaborated concepts are printed on fabrication plans or directly in 3D, right before your eyes.
We are able to work metals, woods and plastics with the upmost precision and finish. If these options do not fit your needs, we can laminate a custom solution for you. CNC machining, laser cutting, quick prototyping and autoclave, DIX au carré has no limits when it comes to giving form to your ideas.
Modular and mobile work areas optimize project assembly. The assembly line is designed specifically for each project and can be entirely relocated for large-scale projects.
A third of the workshop is dedicated to performance testing. This area is equipped with a hooking grid, a photography studio and a projection space. It is the meeting point for artists and designers, for art and science.
  • Young Promoters Award – CDEC 2012

  • Canadian Youth Business Foundation – SAJE 2013

  • Finalist, Entrepreneurs en action Contest – CDEC 2013

  • Winner, Innovative businesses category – CDEC Rosemont-Petite-Patrie 2013

  • Winner, Gascons et associés prize, Entrepreneurs en action Contest 2013

  • Young Promoters Special Prize, business startup, Montréal region – Québec Entrepreneurship Contest 2013

  • Winner, Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest – C2MTL/Claudine and Stephen Bronfman Family Foundation 2013

  • Winner, Montréal Inc. Prize - Montréal Inc. Foundation 2013

Complete services

DIX au carré accompanies you in defining your challenges and finding solutions specific to your needs.



By focusing on the user experience and the product’s context, the DIX au carré design team can lend itself to a wide variety of projects. From space design and product development to accessory design, our goal is to offer our clients an ethical, visually pleasing, and well-planned product.

Thanks to the strength of our network of experts and suppliers, we are able to offer the latest innovations available in terms of materials, shaping and finishing.

  • Design

    With their artistic sensibility and their desire for constant renewal, our designers offer complete creative development services :
    -Product design and development
    -Design consulting
    -Commercial and residential space design both interior and exterior
  • Soundscapes

    Lemonde Marzell is a satellite project of DIX au carré. Possessing training in fine crafts and violin making, soundscapes designer Félix Marzell draws from acoustic physics and industrial design to propose new tracks for custom objects and sound concepts.
  • Modeling and prototype development

    DIX au carré offers complete modeling, 3D drawing, product drawing, prototype creation and 3D printing services.
  • Manufacturing services

    We can custom build a wide range of products according to your plans :
    -CNC cutting (wood, metal, plastic)
    -Large format CNC cutting (wood, plastic, aluminium)
  • Experimenting

    The DIX au carré workshop is a research workshop. That is why the testing area is made available to artists for training and performance sessions.


From concept to engineering, from design to fabrication, the quest for performance and the desire for innovation will take your projects beyond your expectations.

Experts in composite structural design, DIX au carré brings innovation to the entertainment industry for stage design and the creation of structures, accessories and performance equipment. We provide lighter, stronger and longer-lasting high-performance products.

  • Consulting

    DIX au carré offers consulting engineering services to designers and proposes sustainable solution in the development of your project.
  • Custom fabricating

    DIX au carré’s expertise enables us to offer mold fabricating services and machined parts for your projects.
  • Composite materials

    Through years of experience and large scale projects, our designers have acquired expertise in composite materials properties and shaping. Using the autoclave in our workshop, it is possible to design and build high performance products.
  • Your warranty

    DIX au carré archives all its modeling in its servers. Any time, it is possible for us to reproduce a part that was damaged or to remotely build it by digital control anywhere around the world.

Our team

The best of both worlds

Félix Marzell

Félix Marzell

Co-founder, industrial designer

Want to share your vision or artistic ideas? Let’s talk about it!

  • DIX au carré
  • DIX au carré

Our projects

The combination of our two fields of expertise enables us undertake and complete a wide variety of projects. See for yourself.

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If you have questions about our services or if you simply wish to discuss a project that’s close to your heart, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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